Freediver Stage A

The Apnea Australia Freediver course with ACADEMY OF SCUBA

Ever thought about using breath-hold to go deep? The Apnea Australia Stage A Freediver course will introduce you to basic freediving principles and breath holding techniques as well as techniques to go to depth. The course is designed to help you develop safe and solid freediving skills to continue to the Apnea Australia Stage C course.

The Fun Part

Imagine diving underwater on only one breath without all the scuba gear! Freediving allows you to get closer to marine life because you are not blowing any bubbles, therefore underwater life believe you are one of them! Some say that freediving is like yoga, as it allows you to escape from this chaotic world to be at peace underwater. If you need a stree-free hobby, enroll now into the Apnea Australia Stage A Freediver course!

What You Learn

  • Freediving categories
  • Safety for Freediving. Rules of behavior for Freediving.
  • The buddy system and the role of the buddy and diver in training.
  • Training session planning.
  • The difference between a depth session and a Spearfishing session.
  • Equipment for Freediving. Which mask, snorkel, fins and suit to choose when you go training…
  • Physiology of Freediving.
  • Proper breathing for Freediving. We will discuss the first of 3 stages of proper breathing.
  • Relaxation techniques for static training. Relaxation is the most important aspect of static training.
  • Equalisation techniques.
  • Preventing pressure injuries (barotraumas) whilst Freediving.
  • Freedive emergencies.
  • Avoiding and reacting to blackout and “surface samba” (loss of motor control).


To enroll in the Apnea Australia Stage A freediver course you must be:

  • 16 years (13 with parental consent)
  • It is required that you are in adequate physical form and know how to swim. No prior experience in snorkelling, skin diving or freediving is necessary.

2 Days | $550*

Theory session Pool session learning static and dynamic apnea techniques 2 x 3-hour open water sessions
Students must have their own mask, snorkel, fins (preferably bifins), rubber weight belt and weights. A 5mm wetsuit is highly recommended, as you will be static for majority of the pool session.

Make the most out of your experience with us

To continue your freediving experience, enroll into the Apnea Australia Stage B Freediver course to explore more breath-holding and depth techniques. *does not include boat fees

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