PADI Underwater Naturalist

The PADI Underwater Naturalist Course with Academy of Scuba

Look closer to see more on your next dive. Understand your underwater environment on a more complex level, so you can enjoy your dives even more. Look for symbioses, predator/prey and other relationships between aquatic plant and animal life. Learn not just what fish and animals are, but how they interact with each other and the environment.


Course Price And Duration


  • The PADI Underwater Naturalist Course runs over 1 days with 2 shore dives.
  • Private Courses are available (contact us)

Important Notes

To enroll in the PADI Underwater Naturalist course you must be

  • 12 years old and Open Water certified (or Junior OW)
  • Signed Liability Release and Statement of Safe Diving Practices
  • Medical Declaration form and Recreational Dive Medical if necessary (For a list of diving doctors please go to

About The Course

Course Content

  • Home Study
  • Theory – morning theory review session
  • Open Water Dives – 2 shore dives

You will learn...

  • The major aquatic life groupings, interactions and factual information that dispels negative myths.
  • The role of aquatic plants, food chains and predator prey relationships.
  • Responsible interactions with aquatic life.
  • The underwater naturalist’s view of organisms and their roles in the environment.
  • You put this information into practice during your two open water dives.

Equipment Required

 Own mask, snorkel, boots and fins at a minimum. Additionally, for this course you’ll need a slate with a pencil to record information.

Why Choose AOS? 

We are lucky to have qualified marine biologists on our instructional staff. Melbourne’s temperate waters are have a wonderful ecosystem that not many people know about. Being part of the temperate southern reef system, 30% of species found here are endemic to Victorian waters. Learn about this, why some creatures behave the way they do and what their role is in the aquatic ecosystem as well as so much more on this course. You will never look at the critters and reefs the same way again. 

Upcoming Dives

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