Academy of Scuba


Academy of Scuba is lucky to have an active dive club that was established in 2004.
Joining our VIP Program gives you access to exclusive benefits, discounts and special members-only deals that help get you diving more. Check out all of our activities on Facebook, Instagram and on our calendar.

Lifelong Friendships

We know that all divers start as an Open Water Diver, so our VIP program understands that it sometimes takes a while for some divers to be comfortable in this wonderful sport. With this in mind, we foster and encourage an all inclusive, supportive and nurturing environment.  Our weekly BBQs on a Thursday night are a great way to meet new buddies and get a feel for our club so come in and check us out. Be supported and enhance your diving by being part of this extended friendship/ family network.

Total Engagement

Introducing you to new divers and giving you fantastic unique and unforgettable diving experiences is what our VIP Program is all about.  Our dive club will get you out diving as much, and as easily as possible. With guided dives happening most weekends we cater to all levels of diving. Organising special and unique events like our annual Aqualympics and underwater Easter egg hunts, we will help you keep engaged and grow as a diver.

Nurturing Confidence

Whether it be on our local guided dives or on our interstate and overseas trips, our dive club is here to help you build your confidence as a diver.  Our philosophy of helping every diver reach their diving potential through a mix of engaging and fun activities is why we treat everyone of our club members like our family.  With our help, the help of our wonderful members, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the oceans without any worries.