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Master Melbourne Diving with ACADEMY OF SCUBA

While diving in Melbourne is spectacular - amazing wall dives, many wrecks and soft coral reefs all await you on your next dive - it does come with its own particular local challenges: "four seasons in one day" is as valid under the water as on land!

What we offer:

This course has been designed by one of our PADI Instructors specifically to provide a holistic package that will equip you with the skills, knowledge, planning, organisation, procedures and techniques that make Melbourne diving a breeze.
This is a one day, three dive course (We like diving, we dive as much as possible in this course!):


  • An evening of theory to learn and understand the diving techniques that will make your dives a lot more comfortable.

This will be conducted at our shop in Camberwell, generally in the evening. You'll be able to grab any last minute gear essentials, as well as other equipment you'll need for the course on this night.

Dive 1:

  • A shore dive to practise buoyancy skills and a DSMB deployment workshop.

Usually, this dive will be conducted off one of the many piers on the Mornington Peninsula. Students are welcome to stay in the AOS Club House in Rye over the night before, just speak to one of the team for more information.

Dive 2 + 3:

  • A double boat dive off our best walls. These dives you will be putting all of the theory learned in the classroom and  skills reviewed in dive 1 in to practice.

Experience some of the most beautiful dive sites in Melbourne from the boat dives that we do exploring sections of the Lonsdale Wall. 

COURSE PRICE & DURATION: 1 Day | $350 Buy Course Online PREREQUISITES: 15 years old Diving Medical if necessary COURSE CONTENTS: Theory & review evening Completion of 1 Shore Dive Completion of 2 Boat Dives  EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Being vital to the enjoyment of your diving experience and training, we require all of our students to obtain quality snorkelling equipment.  Helping out students get professionally fitted, we also offer a discount, and the ability to change equipment after the pool session if something is not right for the diver.  We additionally require our students to have their own DSMB and reel for this course. LINKS: Diving Doctors


To enroll in the PADI Melbourne Diver Specialty course you must be:

  • 15 years of age and above.
  • Medical pre-requisites: A full dive medical must be obtained prior to starting this training. For a list of diving doctors please go to www.spums.org.au
  • Equipment pre-requisites: Students must have their own Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Boots, as well as a DSMB and reel - all other Scuba gear required for the course can be hired additionally for the course. Get prices here.


Make the most out of your experience with us

Although we have many divers that you can buddy up with to continue your diving, learning to dive with your friends or family is always special.  Book 2 people into this course and recieve a $30 voucher each to go towards your equipment.  Book 3 or more and recieve a $50 voucher each.  Private courses can be arranged for individuals and groups.

Transportation for your course

AOS unfortunately does not offer transportation services at this time. We therefore highly recommend that you have access to a car for the duration of your course. AOS will not be held responsible for any student who is unable to attend any part of their course to due transportation issues.