Q.1 How often should I get my gear serviced?

All manufacturers will have a slightly different policy on service intervals for their gear. Generally, an annual service is required for most gear, to keep it in warranty. Some manufacturers, such as Oceanic and Hollis, have a two year service interval, and only require an inspection every year. To be sure, bring your items in and our staff can check for you.

Q.2 Where can I get my gear serviced?

At Academy of Scuba! We can service most brands with our in-house technician, so bring your equipment in and if we cannot service it, we will send it to a 3rd party service centre for you. The turnaround time for most gear serviced in-house is 10 – 14 days, but please do allow longer if you need it for a specific date. Click here for more information.

Q.3 How much does a service cost?

Full regulator set: $130 plus parts

Full BCD Service: $65 plus parts

Hydro test cylinder: $60 (up to 14l cylinder) $75 (>15l cylinder)

Service parts for regulator (1st, 2nd or octopus): prices differ between brands and reg types. Prices start from $25-$65 per service kit.